What's up with the rock? 

The spirit rock outside the school along Pleasant Road is a Fort Mill school tradition. Families paint the rock to celebrate a child's birthday, and sometimes group occasions such as a 5K run or moving onto middle school.


How does it work?

There's a book inside the PKES office with the days the spirit rock is available. Families can reserve a day or a few, and leave a contribution to the PTO in exchange. Our suggested donation is $20. The office receptionist will leave your payment in the PTO dropbox, marked with "spirit rock" on an envelope. 


How does the actual painting get done?

However you want. Most families prefer to spray paint the rock with their child or surprise them with an original design that's meaningful to them. There are local businesses or talented neighbors who will paint the rock for you, as well. Arranging those services privately is up to you after you have selected a date. 



Stop in the PKES office or email heidiwhitefinley@yahoo.com